Pediatric Dentistry

Your Compassionate Children's Dentist in Honolulu

Whether your child's first tooth erupted, or you've recently moved to the area and need a dependable kid's dentist, we're the place for you. At the dental practice of Eugene M. Azuma DDS, we're proud to leverage years of experience with time-tested treatments to help your son or daughter's smile develops correctly. Our staff also takes the time to get your child used to visiting the dentist so that each appointment feels more effortless than the last.

We've provided compassionate children's dentistry to Honolulu and its surrounding communities for years. Our dental team looks forward to meeting you and building a professional and personal relationship you can rely on as your child grows and their needs change. Call us today to schedule your child's next appointment!


What is Children's Dentistry?

Children's dentistry leverages specific techniques and procedures to improve and protect the oral health of children. Typically, children's dentistry treats patients from infancy through adolescence. A crucial component of care for children is psychology. Our Honolulu children's dentist and his staff work hard to create a friendly, fun, and relaxing environment that helps your child feel like they're among family. From routine teeth cleanings to correcting harmful dental habits, we're here for you.

3 Benefits of Children's Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to children's dentistry. If you'd like further information about our services, our staff is more than happy to outline some of the benefits you and your child will experience. Additionally, we'll take the time to answer your questions so that you have the information you need to make educated decisions about your child's oral health.

Some of the benefits of children's dentistry include:

  1. Helping Your Child Normalize Dental Visits: It's normal for children to feel anxious and uncertain about visiting the dentist. Not only is the environment unfamiliar, but the appearance and sounds of dental equipment can be intimidating. A hallmark of our practice is perspective, which is why we always consider how our approach, treatments, and procedures appear to a child. We'll take the time to introduce them to our staff, walk them through our facilities, and not rush them during their appointment.
  2. Correcting & Treating Unwanted Oral Habits: As your child transitions from a newborn to infancy, they may begin to develop harmful oral habits that can significantly affect their smile later in life. For example, thumb sucking is a way for your child to self-soothe. However, thumb sucking can interfere with proper mouth structure and teeth alignment. Our team will work to correct harmful habits during each visit using kid-friendly language while giving you step-by-step instructions on how to replace their habit with productive behavior at home.
  3. Ensuring Proper Oral Development: Using technology like x-rays, our Honolulu children's dentist will closely monitor your child's smile from their jaw positioning to how their teeth are growing. If we notice any signs that their development may not be on track, we'll work to anticipate dental issues and intervene before the problem worsens. In addition, we can refer you to trusted located orthodontists if your child's smile is misaligned.

Keeping Your Child's Smile Healthy at Home

Our Honolulu children's dentistry doesn't just encompass treatments and procedures but educates you on caring for your child's smile at home. We understand that getting your son or daughter to focus on oral care can be challenging. That's why we'll give you helpful instructions on making brushing and flossing fun and enjoyable.

For example, if you let your child pick out their toothbrush, they're more likely to want to use it when it comes time to brush in the morning and night. You can also incentivize them to brush and care for their teeth with rewards. Our staff is here to help you and your child view oral care positively.

Children's Dentistry FAQs

We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our Honolulu children's dentistry. Some frequently asked questions include:

When will my child's teeth start to erupt?

The process of your baby's teeth erupting through their gums, also called teething, typically begins around six to eight months. However, this can vary from baby to baby and can begin sooner or later depending on their individual development.

We recommend bringing your child in for their first dental appointment either at age one or when their first tooth erupts.

One of the easiest things you can do to prepare your child for their dental visit is a routine during bath time. Before you give your child their bath, dampen their washcloth with lukewarm water and gently rub it against their lower and upper gums. This helps your child get used to their first dental visit as an object brushing against their gums simulates what they'd experience at our office.

Your Place for Children's Dentistry in Honolulu

At the dental practice of Eugene M. Azuma DDS, we're passionate about helping improve the lives of children through excellent oral care. From regular teeth cleanings to fluoride and sealants, you can trust us to give your child's smile the level of care it deserves. Call or visit us in person to schedule your next appointment with our friendly Honolulu children's dentist!



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