Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Honolulu

Dr. Eugene Azuma and his team take every step to make our patients feel like family. As your professional dental team, we help each patient feel welcome and well taken cared for at our practice. Dr. Azuma treats each patient with care and concern and strives to them achieve optimal oral health.

Dental Care for Kids

We focus on delivering a stress-free experience for your child’s first dental visit. By minimizing anxiety in a child’s early oral health regimen, chances anxiety will develop in the future are minimized. We provide additional positive reinforcement with our reward treasure chest, helping kids feel comfortable at dental visits.

Family Dental Services in Honolulu

Happy couple with child smiling

Planning family members’ dental appointments shouldn’t be a burden. We centralize your family dental care by providing a variety of dental treatments in-house and make having healthy teeth easy for the patients of all ages. 

Family dental treatments available at our office include:

We like to teach patients how to obtain and maintain optimum oral health, and we make every effort to provide instruction in an approachable way, so even young children can learn proper dental care. We utilize the latest advancements in modern dentistry to ensure patient safety and provide gentle care.

Our breadth of knowledge allows us to provide patient-centric care for every age and nearly any dental condition, whether you need to address gum disease or complications associated with missing teeth. All of our patients receive the same focused, friendly attention. 

The Value of Prevention

Sticking to an effective oral hygiene routine can mean the difference between a healthy smile and one that needs extensive restorative care later in life. Since the habits you learn early on can determine the long-term health of your smile, it’s especially important to form a strong working relationship with a compassionate dentist. Growing comfortable in a dental environment by keeping appointments can help you avoid the need for lengthy and potentially costly procedures down the road. With effective prevention and regular dental appointments, you make not only your oral health a priority, but your overall wellbeing.

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As your Honolulu family dentist, we provide the highest level of care for you and your entire family. We employ the latest technologies and techniques in our profession to deliver dental care that is both personable and cutting-edge. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!


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