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When you invest in dental implants, you are making a positive step towards better health, improved well-being, and a restored smile that feels as natural as possible. At the dental office of Eugene Azuma, DDS, we provide dental implants in Honolulu to comprehensively restore patients’ smiles and support lasting results, no matter how many missing teeth you are struggling to replace.

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Precise Implant Surgery with 3D Technology

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When planning your implant treatment, Dr. Azuma uses the most precise technology available to ensure that your implants can last as long as possible. As implants are embedded into bone, it’s essential that they are placed into areas where the bone is the healthiest. With 3D cone-beam scanning and imaging, Dr. Azuma can pick the appropriate location to insert your implant and can even use in-office digital technology to print a guide that allows for smooth and efficient implant surgery.

Our Honolulu dental implant services are comprehensive and include both implant placement and restoration. With our approach to long-lasting teeth replacements, you don’t have to visit a specialist’s office to enjoy the benefits of proper treatment planning and optimized results.

Dental Implants for Single and Multiple Missing Teeth

Whether you have a problematic tooth that has resisted multiple root canal procedures, a tooth that was knocked-out in an accident, or years of dental compilations that have made it impossible to keep an entire arch of your natural teeth, Dr. Azuma can help. Our implant procedures include the following:

• Single Implant Posts and Crowns
• Dental Bridges Supported by Implants
• Fixed Implant Dentures

When you visit our office, you are offered an implant-based solution for any level of tooth loss. Implants provide high-level of patient satisfaction for years, as they support improved oral health, do not negatively impact surrounding teeth and tissue, and remain a long-lasting part of your smile. Implant patients do not have to struggle with removable dentures or the lack of confidence from missing natural teeth. Same-Day Restorations

Same-Day Implant Restorations

With 3-D imaging technology and milling equipment available from our Honolulu implant dentist, you don’t have to wait for a dental lab to achieve a beautifully restored smile. Dr. Azuma can fabricate your implant dental crown or implant bridge in one day. After tissues have healed from surgery, patients are welcomed back into our office to have their new restoration placed in the same appointment. For patients whose treatment plan includes implant dentures, we can also convert your existing prosthetic to be compatible with implant posts.

Don’t wait to get your dental implants! Start treatment to restore and rejuvenate your smile today. Contact Dr. Eugene Azuma to learn more about dental implants in Honolulu, HI or schedule an appointment online today!

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