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Family Dentistry

The Honolulu, Hawaii Family Dentist You Can Trust

When you have young children, the decision to visit a Honolulu family dentistry practice is an important one. Family dentistry gives you access to a dental provider who can follow your child’s oral health from an early age as well as through adulthood. Dr. Eugene M. Azuma, DDS, sees patients as soon as they reach their first birthday. Not only does he offer a comprehensive array of family dentistry procedures, but he also offers the convenience of Saturday hours so that your little ones don’t need to miss school.

Eugene Azuma, DDS, Serving Families in Honolulu

Establishing a good rapport with his patients is important to Dr. Azuma, and his friendly nature makes it easy for him to do. He enjoys his visits with younger patients and focuses on creating a stress-free experience. Our entire staff takes the time to minimize any anxiety associated with dental visits, particularly for children who may have already had a bad experience elsewhere. Children who have good appointments get to visit the treasure chest for a reward, further reinforcing the positive nature of visiting a family dentist regularly. We are happy to offer the following dentistry services for families in Honolulu:

• Flouride treatments
• Cavity prevention education
• Dental x-rays
• First-visits for children
• Digital and panoramic x-rays
• Sealants
• General cleanings
• Composite fillings
• Proper brushing and flossing instruction

Positive Experiences for Children in our Family Dental Office

Our Honolulu family dentistry practice understands the importance of providing good experiences early in life when dental fears can begin to develop. Minimizing the anxiety that a trip to the dentist can create for children helps to prevent this type of fear from resurfacing later on in life. Dr. Azuma recommends bringing children in at an early age so they become familiar with the office, the staff, the dentist, and the facility. This process eases any anxiety that might otherwise occur.

Taking your children to a family dentist in Honolulu sets the stage for healthy oral hygiene habits to develop, and provides access to professional tips on how children can brush, floss, and practice improved overall hygiene. Our family dentist also provides sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. The nooks and crannies of children’s teeth make it more likely that they will develop cavities, but with sealants in place, the teeth are protected. Sealants are placed on the molars to help keep food from sticking in the crevices, helping to prevent tooth decay.

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Offering gentle dental care to all of its patients, the staff at this Honolulu family dentistry office strives to make the waiting room as inviting as possible. Dr. Azuma believes that “All that is good begins with a smile,” and strives to ensure that each of his patients enter and exit with a clearly visible smile.

For information on how Dr. Azuma’s Honolulu dental office can serve the oral health needs of your family, contact us today or schedule an appointment online.


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